Gift Guitars


Gift Guitars



Give guitars to those who would buy guns,

or to those who turn in their guns,

or to those who make guns.

Give them something else to do with their hands--

Something more beautiful, communicative, fulfilling.

Guitars guard the heart, help the head,

Make new friends, express all emotions.

Let us all use guitars as our weapons of choice

to raise our voices, to be heard.

Spill songs into ears instead of blood.

Spill joy into souls instead of

sending them out of their bodies.

Sing to us why, how, what--and we will listen,

listen to the melodies and words

that show your grief and anger,

and we will play you our songs,

that may be similar.

Maybe we can harmonize

instead of destroying.

Maybe we can love and understand

and help each other heal.

Here, take my guitar.




Susan Beverly


Susan Beverly is a poet and writer. She is the author of a number of poetry books and her work has frequented Ariel Chart in the past few years.


  1. appreciate the imagination. prob work better than most o the dumb ideas provided by the politicians

  2. For Susan Beverly poem Guft Guitars : Thank you Susan,for sharing your beautiful,practical, timely, apropos,direly needed poem.🌬🌹♥️⏳♾

  3. Re : Correction Susan Beverlys Poem : Gift Guitars

  4. Beautiful poem, Susan.

  5. This is a salve for souls torn again and again by gun violence. Thank you for a positive in this depressing world.

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