The Wise Show and Don't Tell



The Wise Show And Don’t Tell


I make my best decisions in early dawn,

for what truth is there at midnight?

More than you know, some will say.

I do know that the night changes the air around me.


I should never be afraid to doubt, but should investigate. 

The truth is out there all day.

I’ll examine what I’ve learned and sift, 

to find the coziest spread of certainty.


I’m under no illusion or contract to know it all.

I’ll openly live my truth 

for one set of eyes at a time to see.


And in the end, I’ll still take the love and run.



Linda Imbler


Linda Imbler’s poetry collections include six published paperbacks: Big Questions, Little Sleep, Big Questions, Little Sleep” second edition (expanded with 66 additional poems), Lost and Found, Red Is The Sunrise, Bus Lights, Travel Sights, and Spica’s Frequency.  Soma Publishing has published her four e-book collections, The Sea’s Secret Song, Pairings, a hybrid of short fiction and poetry, That Fifth Element, and Per Quindecim. Examples of Linda’s poetry and a listing of publications can be found at   


  1. smart and playful. two qualities missing from poetry these days.

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