The blue room beckoned, but Jessica resisted.  Soft music called. She pretended not to hear. The front door slammed, and Jon growled, “Jess, get in here.”

Jessica placed a tremulous hand on the wall, and obeyed.

“You get the abortion?”

She brushed her belly, “Yes.”

 A thick fold of cash dropped from his hand, “This cover it?”

“I think so.” She ignored the money, “Can you stay? Please?”

“Can’t. The wife wants me home tonight.”

The blue room waited.  Unused toys gathered dust, the empty cradle sang silent songs.

Jessica closed the door.  It latched with a sound like death.



Joshua K. Sapp


Joshua K. Sapp lives in central Ohio. His story "Dusk" was published in 'The Drabble'. 


  1. We learn what is sacred to others might be trash to us. Such is life. If we are still allowed to use that word.

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