Water Droplets



Water Droplets  

Contemplating the cascading, emerald-tinged alpine stream;

Swirling around the boulders before spilling over the edge,

Dropping a hundred feet, landing in a small pool of deliciously clear water,

Showing off the colored pebbles at the bottom,

Meandering onward through the babbling brook.

I stand back and take a snapshot

of this segment of the stream’s passage

An image which I name,

“Montana Waterfall.”

I take a few steps in to get a closer view,

Trying to focus on a single water droplet.

The speed amazes me as it ping pongs off the sides of rounded granite blocks

Free-falling through the air….Wheeee!

It then pounds the water’s surface

Jetting deep into the pool,

Bouncing back to the top.

This tiny droplet finally is able to slow down a tad,

Basking in the sunlight

Making its way to the outflow

Onward, on its journey to the ocean.

Each swirl,

Each curve,

Each jump,

Too fast

Too dynamic

Too close

To take a snapshot

Contemplating a life

Any life,

My life.

Each moment,

Each juncture…

Rocky or serene,

Huge leaps... quiet meanderings.

Too fast

Too dynamic

Too close

To take a snapshot

Theresa Cardiello


Theresa Cardiello moved west from the flatlands to the mountains decades ago and has filled her Montana days with art of one form or another. She retired from a career as a mental health therapist, then took a break from teaching art classes and piano lessons during the Covid season and took a dive into another art form - creative writing. 


  1. in my view poetry should capture beauty whenever possible. this is beauty in this poem.

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