Delicate and Young


Delicate and Young

Breathe into me your elements,

and become the elixir that melts into my pain.

Help me.

I have unlearned the secrets of laughter I stole

from the shrine of little smiling gods.

In the quiet, check my left eye.

You'll find the tear of an abandoned angel

at heaven's portal,

carrying all the wasted loves of the world.


I hang on to the fallen leaf of hope that refuses to die,

with eyes that say nothing but question everything.

My injured love could find belief and dream again.

I would understand the rhythm of falling, breaking and rising.

Ears opened to the melodies of a singing flower

that holds the key to eternal youth.

You'd be all I see every time I close my eyes.

And I, so delicate and young.

Chidozie Okonkwo

Chidozie Okonkwo is a creative writer and performance poet. His works have made both international and local appearances in literary journals, magazines, anthologies, newspapers and blogs. He has previously been published on Brittle Paper, The Whiskey Blot Journal, The Lowdown Station, Eduquest, Akụkọ, Trinitas Newspaper and elsewhere. He was educated at University of Nigeria Nsukka, where he studied English and Literary Studies. You can reach him on Instagram @pengod1 or his personal mailbox:

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