Eddie Cantor's Wife's Name


Eddie Cantor’s Wife’s Name


That was the clue in the crossword puzzle.

I knew the answer


as if the puzzle asked

for my own wife’s name.


I can’t find my car keys most days.

Last week, twice I asked

my wife what day it was.

Not the date, which might indicate

a minor lapse of awareness,

but the day of the week.


I fear I’m steps away

from getting my necktie

caught in the zipper

of my pants, bent over,

gesturing wildly for someone

to save me from choking.


It’s as if when I saw the question

about Cantor’s* wife,

my mind picked up a folder

with Ida Cantor on it and said,

“Here it is. Would you also like

the folder with the names of

the 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers infielders?

It’s right here.”


Yet, when I ask

my mind for the day of the week,

it sends me down a hallway filled

with piles of folders and dusty old

books, information no one needs,

to another department,

but no one’s there to help.


*Cantor was a major entertainer in early films, radio and TV).  


 Bruno Rescigna


My writing achievements include: short stories published in Elysian Fields Quarterly and the Bucks County Writer, two one-act plays produced at the University of New Mexico, and my poems have appeared in Tidewater’s 2022 issue, and Literary Yard. In addition, I was a finalist in 2021’s Tucson Festival of Books, a national poetry competition. I wish to express my appreciation to Ella Peary and John Brehm for their editing suggestions and encouragement.


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  2. very enjoyable and more to my generation. thanks for the memories

    1. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece.

  3. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece.

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