More Than Things

More than Things

A pair of running shoes that saw him to the finish line

A beautiful gown that projected her femininity once clandestine

A blanket in her great, great grandson's school colors she knitted with feeble fingers for his graduation

A book he "accidentally" dropped which his now wife automatically retrieved when they first met at the train station

A blazer jacket she wore with confidence to her third interview and solidified the beginning of her successful career

A tiny pair of pants he took his first three steps in before landing promptly on his rear

A mug with a small crack ensued when moving into their first home

A desk he did his homework countless nights until his parents found him far too worldly and grown

Designer jeans she saved diligently for with her babysitting money are now a fraction of the cost

A tent that provided shelter and family camping memories never to be lost



 Shana Liddell 

I am from Illinois originally but have resided in Arizona for the past 15 years. I love the desert and the warm weather. I enjoy hiking and getting outdoors. I also have a passion for writing though I have never submitted my work for publication before. I am fortunate to have a wonderful husband who loves to cook and a 17-month-old son who keeps me very busy and can make it difficult to find time to write. I also enjoy reading a good thriller as much as I like writing them.  

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