Only This Moment


Only This Moment

The woods are stark like my childhood memories

Old wise trees

Speak to me

Outgrow me

Long snarly branches snatching

Like old lady fingers

The morning sunrise infinitely reborn signals another day

Pink and violet

The bleeding of a child's watercolor painting

One day the bleeding of a broken heart

The translucent snowflakes fall

Unrepeatable beauties

Before they fade into the background Never to exist

The frost indented by my footsteps

From beginning to end

Eventually untraceable

I breathe in life

I exhale the fear

And stay in this moment

Shana Liddell 

I am from Illinois originally but have resided in Arizona for the past 15 years. I love the desert and the warm weather. I enjoy hiking and getting outdoors. I also have a passion for writing though I have never submitted my work for publication before. I am fortunate to have a wonderful husband who loves to cook and a 17-month-old son who keeps me very busy and can make it difficult to find time to write. I also enjoy reading a good thriller as much as I like writing them.  

Ariel Chart is her first professional credit


  1. wonderful work with real heart. welcome to the club.

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