Pull of the Moon


Pull of the Moon


Like the tides

I am affected by the Moon

Its attraction can be overwhelming

Pulling me in and out of sleep

Yanking me from my dreams

Then pushing me back

Same dream different time

Its gravity moves me rapidly through

Time and space

From dreamscape to dreamscape

Until its power wanes

Dropping me exhausted

In my bed to greet the early morning



Howard Moon


Howard Moon is a writer and poet. His writing and poetry have appeared in multiple collections and anthologies, Small Change, Montana Mouthful, Das Literarisch Journal, Of Poets and Poetry, Native Skin, Breath and Shadow, and more. He has won national, local and regional awards for writing.

He is of Native heritage and identifies as BIPOC. In 2012 he suffered a brain injury and has been diagnosed with a mental illness — Pseudobulbar Affect. He has also been diagnosed as a hemipelagic.

He is retired and lives in central Florida with his wife and service dog.

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