Packet of Lies


Packet of Lies


it is in the heaven's stomach;

you see a glittering that make your

hope grow beards.


on your head you carried

packets of lies

crossing the hills in the cemetery.


in your pocket you homed a

stranger, offer him a bed to lay

and steal from the bank of his soul at night.


& you named yourself a synonym to death

but remember, as you chase life it refels back,

rejecting the offer you offered.


note, loneliness is not an excuse

to stay alive. and remember greed

is a sweat of the devil.



 Mubarak Said

Mubarak Said is the 3rd runner-up of the poetry category of the 2022 Bill Ward Prize for Emerging Writers. His works are forthcoming and published in many literary magazines national and international as inspired magazine, World Voices Magazine, Icefloe Press, Literary yard, Beatnik Cowboy, Piker press magazine, Teen Literary Journal, ILA magazine, Icreatives review, the yellow house magazine, Pine Cone Review, Synchronized chaos, Susa Africa, madswirl magazine, Applied Worldwide, Opinion Nigeria, Today Post, Daily Trust, Daily Companion and elsewhere.

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