Sunset on South Haven Beach



Sunset on South Haven Beach


Look at the sun sink low

as it kisses the gray puffed clouds

on this stretch of beach where I sit

and touch the space between the moments,

where everything shrinks

into this beauty abyss,

my thoughts finally forgotten.


This sunset is telling a story

my whole life I have been trying

to understand

what billows between the crests of waves,

what timelessness whispers,


“Don’t be afraid of all this



Rolled into the gentle breeze,

tucked between the pounding waves,

woven through the patterned mirage

of day and night

where all things find their meaning.


Thich Nhat Hahn said,

“Enlightenment is when a wave realizes it is the ocean.”

Today I mistook the lake for an ocean,

and it was like falling awake.


Night is only the beginning

of the end of day,

so open your eyes as dark descends.


Come see for yourself

how everything good

has been here all along.



Christen Lee


Christen Lee is a family nurse practitioner in Cleveland, Ohio. Her writing has been featured in the Literary Cleveland’s Voices from the Edge AnthologyRue ScribeThe Write Launch, Aurora, Humans of the World BlogSad Girls Club2022 New Generation Beats AnthologyWingless Dreamer and is forthcoming in The Voices of Real 7 Compilation.

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