The Grieving Garden


The Grieving Garden




I found you today

I was wondering where you’d gone

Your space had cooled

        Your outline blurred

The keen of your loss upon my voice

Had long composted into loam

        In which I grew solace

For others who were losing

As time tumbles on

The losses descend

         Float into the world

                A soft rain of absence

                        A carpet of ghosts

I found you today

A green thing, whole, a leaf

        Amidst a barrow of words

                To console another leaving

I found you

A faltering cotyledon upturned

        To my downward glance

As I sifted the tilth of my grief

        For signs

                That you were still here



Elizabeth Mathiasen 


Elizabeth Mathiasen is a computational biologist, and graduate student living in the Bay Area of California. Full on academic writing, she has turned to poetry as a palate cleanser and has found it delicious. She is a jewelry artist and twee ukulele songwriter, as well. She wishes to thank her friends and family who love her poetry enough to suggest that she seek publication.  Ariel Chart is her first professional credit.


  1. good eye for quality writing. not all nature poems need be about earth in the balance.

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