Winter is Near


Winter is Near


Winter is near, I see it on my face

Every time I look at my reflection

I know I’m in a race

To skedaddle through that intersection


Where one road is life

The other is certain death


Need to see my old friends

But time is my competition

I have to make amends

Before I hear that final benediction


There aren’t many around anymore

Where we used to sit and chat

In front of the old country store

Where I stroked an old gray cat


I feel that winter chill

It’s hitting me in the face

Got to find my magic pill

Before I lose this race


Where one road is life

The other is certain death


How will I know if I didn’t make it to spring?

Will someone greet me on the other side?

If I don’t hear the birds again sing

Does that mean I missed my ride?


 Lewis Lambert


I am an octogenarian, who has recently returned to earth and doesn’t recognize the world he left 20 years ago. Thus, my poetry is an expression of my confusion with, and disdain for the 21st century.

I have published seven novels that fuse historical fact with strong character driven fictional protagonists. I am a compulsive writer, with ideas that appear in a flicker of light, and if I don’t capture them in an instant, they are lost forever

I earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Maryland, a Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois University and a Master of Arts from the University of Northern Colorado.

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