From Here to the Horizon



From Here to the Horizon


bright glimmering rock shards and rockface,

   rain washed and sun splashed,

      adorning hard ground high on a hill,

cascading down the hillside trees growing up, reaching high,

   from hard gray ground to soft blue sky,

dark blue water, stretching out from jagged treeline to straightline horizon,

   bright glinting too, rough surface high waves, low ripples at shore,

beyond and above, cloud-dotted sky, depthless blue,

   shiny white cloud tops, flat cloud bottoms shadow-spot the lake,

bright sun sparkles the lake too,

   layers of light and dark,

hard rock, high trees, rough lake, soft sky,

   layers of view, layers of life,

I walked here, I stand still,

   breathing, seeing, feeling,

      shimmering layers,

here and gone


James Joseph Snyder


James Joseph Snyder is a retired engineer who worked in product development of medical devices. He was born and lives in Minnesota. He has written poetry from a young age, loving to play with words. He has had a poem published in Lucky Jefferson

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