Vivid Blue



Vivid Blue


The winds sweep east, from ocean to crest 

Across this broad valley, shaking loose dust

Street cleaning the glass steel and concrete

Strumming spring songs in the eucalyptus


New growth springs forth, in fluorescent hue

Green canopy edges pulse against vivid blue


Spring carries cautions of heat to come

The winds take vapor from everything

Crisping buds well before their bloom

Rain squalls soak, refreshing, renewing


River falcons nest in the eucalyptus

My dazzled eye traces their swift grace


Rains come back, yet I seek no shelter

I’ll pull wet light into my winterized shell

There are dark corners to be swept clear

With the spring weather, all will be well.


 Michael Theroux


I write incessantly from my home office in Northern California. My careers encompass that of a classically trained botanist and plant ecologist with decades of field experience, including as lead field botanist for a multi-year assessment of the riparian corridor of the Grand Canyon. The combined careers span an even fifty years of advanced studies, professional environmental management, global travel and a lot of deep meditation. I have constantly documented my experiences through word smithing of manuscripts, prose and poetry, yet to date my publications have been ‘professional papers’ supporting these careers. I have enjoyed publication of many of my technical and scientific works in journals including Distributed Energy Magazine, international publications such as UNESCO’s Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), proceedings like GlobeEx / Energex, and formal works for the National Park Service and other agencies. With my wife, we self-published literally hundreds of my original rants and focus reports in our on-line industry newsletter 'Teru Talk' over a six year period. Entering the literary publication field late in life, at 72, I have for the past few months been diligently studying this diverse venue and seeking publication of my cache of art writings. For this, the free service ‘Authors Publish’ has been a great help, backed by the solid editorial direction provided by Ariel Chart and similar heart-felt Publication labors of love. At this time, my unpublished literary efforts include two fantasy books – one complete, the other nearing completion - and around 400 individual ready-for-publication short stories and poems. Two small pieces have so far been accepted for future publication (!!), by 50 Word Stories and The Academy of Heart and Mind; there are another 70 plus pieces submitted, in circulation and out for review. Those included herein have not previously been published, self-published, or submitted for the consideration of publication by others.

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