A Year Older



A Year Older


yet none the wiser; nothing left to do but stare at the grey sky,


wait for the nightingale to land on the windowsill.


whiskey sours early in the morning

with Hank moans the blues.

drinks poured and guzzled, nothing better than a quiet birthday.


a year closer to the grave, having reached the

age bourbon took Hank away.


running low on lemon juice. it’s all right.

the whispering ghosts remind me of different birthdays,

of different times.


I pour me another tall and strong one,

first drink of the final year.


George Gad Economou


 Bio: Currently residing in Greece, George Gad Economou has a Master’s degree in Philosophy of Science and is the author of Letters to S. (Storylandia), Bourbon Bottles and Broken Beds (Adelaide Books), and Of the Riverside (Anxiety Press). His words have also appeared, amongst other places, in Spillwords Press, Ariel Chart, Cajun Mutt Press, Fixator Press, Outcast Press, The Piker Press, The Edge of Humanity Magazine, The Rye Whiskey Review, and Modern Drunkard Magazine.

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