Blunt Trauma

Blunt Trauma



The fury of death

As fast as a Kingfisher's 

Flight into an unseen window.

Now lies dead, below

Its transparency - its unseen

veil, its gauntlet for

The faithful and the fool

Its gamut of feathered folds

Its cold and irreversible hold

Iridescence still clings in

Sparks and shimmers to the wings -

To fancy filled flight -

The definitive bang of flesh

Torn from this reality's plain

Taunting me to tears.


Gari Joubert


Gari Joubert is an artist, performer, poet and writer, he was born in 1964 in Mandini, a paper mill town on the Tugela River, in what was then Zululand, South Africa. At age ten he moved with his mother and four siblings to Durban, and at thirteen, went into a foster home, remaining there until he finished high school. Following this, he was conscripted by the South African Defence Force for two years and posted to their Counter-Intelligence unit in Namibia. Joubert returned subsequently to Durban and spent the next four years involved in the club and band scene, the counter-culture movement, fringe politics, and writing. In the late 1980’s he immigrated to Europe and later settled in London where he continued to write and play in bands. In 2005 he returned to South Africa and now lives on the Kwazulu-Natal coast. In 2015 his first novel, Uptown Saturday Night Downtown Sunday morning was published and in 2016, an anthology of his poetry spanning near thirty years was published under the title Book From The Black Box. Joubert is currently busy with the sequel to Uptown... due out in 2019.


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