Drenched in the saltiness of sorrow
burns each gaping wound
Oozing sores appear
overtime erode the heart
Creating scar tissue upon scar
'til the callous is hard to pierce
Yet, the wounds weep tears of plasma
allowing liquid memories to flow
from dark recesses
of an overwrought mind.

Chasity Gaines
Chasity Gaines is a writer and graduate student of the BA English program at Southern New Hampshire University. I am an Assistant Editor with Coffee House Writers and create content such as poems, short stories, and articles about things that matter to me. I am featured on Coffee House Writer's main platform and Medium. My work has been published in Tanka Journal, Haiku Journal, and Spillwords Press. I also write short stories included in various anthologies being published this year. I live in Georgia with my husband, Shane and son, Clayton.

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