Greeting from Nowhere

Greeting from Nowhere 

Tinted glasses,

Blurry lines,

Your name in a whisper,

Million deaths in a whimper!

Street lights flickering,

The buzz of a bee..

Fireflies burning head to toe,

Like the drunkard biting on the hoe.

Babies cry,

Strangers yearn..

For the love they see,

But cannot swallow.

Is this a Goodbye?

Is this a Hello?

Saheli Ghosh

Saheli Ghosh from Kolkata (India, West Bengal), have completed my Masters in English (2018-18) from the University of Calcutta. I have worked as a Contractual Teacher at B. D. Memorial, Kolkata and as an English Language Teacher at the Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy, Kolkata. Currently, I am working as an English Language Teacher at the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata. I am also pursuing B. ED. (English Method) from Loreto College, Kolkata. Ariel Chart is her first literary publication.

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  1. There's an old fashioned quality to the work. Like new eyes seeing regular things differently.