I lived there so long.

I left behind the debris

of an era. I carried a suitcase

packed with empty years.


It felt like my whole history

was being moved. As if I

had a psychological bruise

from a scarred memory.


I have turned a blind corner to the past.

I feel no nostalgia from an empty heart.

I leave anger trailing

behind me.


The old place is vacant now.

Older than memory

newer than history.

A bare flight of stairs leads nowhere.


I’m starting over again

I’m expected somewhere else.

My foot is in the new door.

I kick it shut behind me.


 Alan Ford


I have been influenced by the output of Neil Astley's Bloodaxe Publishers. Also Carol Ann Duffy, Clive James,Thomas Hardy, Douglas Dunn's early work and other anthology poets. I have written eight fiction books, including the satirical ghost series such as Princess Diana's Ghost on Amazon. Other published works include various articles,short stories in Brilliant Flash Fiction, and Academy of the Heart and Mind magazines, song lyrics and poetry. The lyrics have received placements in Song of the Year and the UK Song Contest.The poems have appeared in Conclave, Down in the Dirt, Blue Lake Review, Academy of the Heart and Mind, Scarlet Leaf Review and Ariel Chart literary magazines

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